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Service cooling tower

Flex Seal will provide professional technical team to site for checking and service cooling tower with the following steps.

1. Remove Scale Deposits

2. Ensure Proper Airflow

3. Clean Your Tubes

4. Inspect the Water Pump

5. Treat Your Water

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Service Top entry agitator seal

Flex Seal is specialized in servicing Top entry agitator seal applied in different factories with different products, ranging from big sizes to small sizes agitator seal.

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Customize Mechanical Seal

Flex Seal is capable to customize and design special-made mechanical seal that can withstand high temperature with chemical resistance in order to fit customers requirements and applications.

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Modify Mechanical Seal

Flex seal is capable to modify mechanical seal for customers for different application. We provide solutions with leaking issues through studying and modifying seal with professional knowledge and experiences.

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Re-Condition Cartridge Mechanical Seal

Flex Seal has been dealing for years with the recondition of mechanical seals produced by us and by other manufacturers. The reconditioning is the process by which the condition configurations of a seal, at the time of construction, are taken back in…

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Service and repair chemical and oil process pump

We provide services mainly to oleo-chemical, soap, and edible oil factories. Moreover, we do provide services to Theme park with water facilities, condominium, hypermarkets and swimming pools as well.

After dismantling the pump from the site, the…

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About Us

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Company Profile

FLEX SEAL® established in Johor Bahru, Malaysia with greater depth of experience in development and manufacturing of mechanical seals, carbon, silicon carbide, tungsten and related parts.

An essential component of our company core value is closeness to our customers combined with a strong service and sales network by supplying reliable sealing products widely used in petrochemical, oleochemical, oil refinery, steel industries, bio-diesel, food & beverages industries and others relater fields.

Company Profile

We are established at Johor, Malaysia in the year 2003, with the aim to tune with latest manufacturing techniques to meet the exact requirements of the customers and standards of the industry as a mechanical seal supplier providing quality products such as mechanical seal pump and mechanical pump seal.

We manufacture top quality products incorporating all the necessary detail that are given by our quality control team in order to deliver excellence in our products.

Due to the complexity of continues exceed the development of cartridge seals to meet the requirement and specification of all national and international standards. Moreover, our different types of FLEX SEAL® sealing product have been highly recognized and evaluated by nationwide and distributed to rising ASEAN region.

Company Policy

We maintain a consistent level of professional care and responsibility in each job to bring best products of mechanical pump seal.

We guarantee all of our work to be of the highest quality, as we know our clients would expect nothing less. Your project is our project!

● We will customize our products and services so that you get what you want
● We will always go the extra mile to ensure that all of your needs are fulfilled
● We strive for excellence in our support services and product development
● It’s never a case of “but we have always done it this way” and always a case of “how can we change our ways of doing things to better suit your needs?”